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Liquor Liability

We offer complete alcohol licensing services and representation throughout the States of Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Vermont. The Bennett Law Firm is the only law firm in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont that is a member of the Alliance of Alcohol Industry Attorneys and Consultants (www.aaiac.com), which is an affiliation of alcohol licensing professionals with members providing coverage in all fifty states and parts of Canada. Additionally, the firm is also a member of the National Association of Alcoholic Beverage Licensing Attorneys (www.naabla.com), an affiliation of alcohol licensing attorneys providing alcohol licensing services in all fifty states and the District of Columbia.

Our Lawyers

The Bennett Law Firm works with business clients in the alcoholic beverage industry including restaurants, hotels and motels, grocery and liquor stores, convenience stores, nightclubs and bars, brewers, wineries, wholesalers, caterers and special-use facilities. Our liquor license attorneys are experienced in licensing issues as well as the effective resolution of claims related to the regulated sale and enforcement of alcoholic beverage laws.

Alcohol Liability

Our alcohol liability lawyers guide clients through preparation and submission of alcohol license applications, liquor license renewals, modifications to liquor licenses, as well as defend clients against allegations of misconduct brought by government or regulatory agencies. The Bennett Law Firm has extensive experience in developing successful strategies to obtain liquor licenses and resolve liquor licensing issues in an effective and timely matter. 

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