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Collective Bargaining.

Collective Bargaining

The Bennett Law Firm has negotiated in excess of five hundred collective bargaining agreements on behalf of its management clients from Maine to Pennsylvania. We have represented clients across many industries including trucking, food manufacturing and distribution, soft drink, beer distribution, bottled water, oil and chemical terminals, asphalt plants, ready mix concrete manufacturers, drywall contractors, heavy and highway construction contractors, school districts, water districts, municipal employees, dairies, airlines, wholesale grocers, and many others. While most of the bargaining has been on behalf of single employers, we have also conducted associational bargaining for as many as 95 employers.

We have extensive experience representing management in negotiating collective bargaining agreements from initial preparation, proposal development, financial analysis and strategy, and documentation of a final agreement. We make it a point to know your business and industry so that we can reach an agreement that makes sense and provides management with both the operational and economic flexibility needed to succeed. We have achieved agreements in excess of 99% of our engagements. When strikes, corporate campaigns and boycotts occur, we work closely with our clients to resolve any dispute favorably.

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