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New England Employment Lawyers

The Maine employment lawyers at The Bennett Law Firm represent business clients in labor and employment law matters. The issues which most often confront a company’s management without regard to size of business or type of industry are those which relate to matters of Labor and Employment Law. In our ever increasingly litigious society, businesses and their employees are becoming ever more sensitive to the evolving nature of the employment relationship. With the growth in governmental regulation of the employment relationship, expanding and complex judicial interpretations of the rights of both employers and employees and the apparent rebirth of the American union movement, legal assistance in this area has become necessary for most businesses. The Bennett Law Firm, P.A. has been recognized for over fifty years as Northern New England’s leading firm with the expertise to help businesses deal with these matters.

Employment Litigation

The Bennett Law Firm is at the forefront in working with single location employers as well as international companies with multi-state locations
in both union and union free settings. Our Maine employment litigation attorney advisors provide labor relations and employment services including:

  • Representation at investigations, hearings and trials before the National Labor Relations Board including defense of unfair labor practices
  • Negotiation and enforcement of Collective Bargaining Agreements
  • Advice on matters of employee discipline, employment practices and general labor relations
  • Defense of discrimination claims including claims based on sex, disability, age, and sexual harassment before state and federal agencies and courts
  • Defense of wrongful discharge, discrimination and other employment law claims in the state and federal courts
  • Grievance arbitration
  • Advice on employee benefits and ERISA issues
  • Negotiation, drafting and enforcement of employment contracts, including non-competition agreements and protection of confidential business information and trade secrets
  • Advice on workers’ compensation issues
  • Development of preventative and personnel policies
  • Development of employment handbooks
  • Training programs for management, supervisors and nonsupervisory workforce
  • Advice on privacy issues such as drug testing, AIDS, and employee testing
  • Advice on OSHA Compliance as well as compliance with other federal and state labor laws
  • Counsel on wage and hour matters
  • Avoidance and resolution of employment disputes
  • Counsel on how to maintain union free work environments
  • Strike and picket management
  • Persuader activity – Though many union avoidance groups claim to offer effective workplace solutions to unionization efforts, we pride ourselves on being among the very few nationally who register with the Department of Labor, allowing us to provide persuader activity. Nearly all other union avoidance groups coach employers from the side lines. Our DOL filing allows us to roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches with the client, campaigning directly with the employees. The effectiveness of our Maine labor relations lawyers is reflected in our nearly unparalleled success rate over the last fifty years.
  • The Bennett Law Firm has also been the leader for many years in the development of alternative dispute resolution systems which have kept our non-union clients out of the courthouse.

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