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Union Avoidance.

Union Avoidance

For over half a century, The Bennett Law Firm has protected employers from Maine to New York from being unionized. Our success rate for defeating union drives and defending election campaigns is nearly 100% even at a time when unions are winning more than half the campaigns that they wage due to aggressive moves by the National Labor Relations Board to skew the process in favor of union organizing.

Under the current rules, elections that used to take two months to be conducted are now happening in as few as 10 days. Employers are being deprived of the opportunity to effectively communicate during a campaign.  In addition, employers are being forced to turn over employee personal data such as e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers to enhance the organizing union’s ability to run an underground, behind the scenes campaign.

For many of our clients, we work proactively and provide practical guidance on the best practices to implement for maintaining positive employee relations. We have learned that ongoing supervisor training and avoiding communications breakdowns prevent most union campaigns from happening.  Part of our training equips supervisors to identify the telltale signs of trouble as early in the process as possible so that we can effectively respond and counter any organizing activity when it does occur.

For those with actual organizing activity, we engage in what is known as Persuader Activity, something that most law firms do not do.  Persuader Activity is the single most effective method for maintaining non-union status and our results speak for themselves.  Persuader Activity means that in addition to the usual campaign methods of written communications and messaging through management, our lawyers meet directly with the potential bargaining unit members to persuade them as to why having a union is in no one’s interest other than the union.  In other words, we do not merely sit on the side lines and coach like most firms. Instead, we get directly in the game and stand side by side with our clients to effectively meet their needs.

Because of our extensive experience in dealing with unions, we are able to talk from firsthand experience and share the reality of what happens when employees unionize. We can speak firsthand about our experiences with other union campaigns, collective bargaining, what employees can expect, the realities of strikes and similar matters. Being able to provide real life examples on these and many other issues are what sets us apart.   Though many union avoidance groups claim to offer effective workplace solutions to unionization efforts, we pride ourselves on being among the very few nationally who actually do.

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